Street CREW

Street Sweeping

Every year in the spring, the City Street Crew sweeps all of the paved City maintained roads and streets as well as ten PennDOT roads. These roads and streets are broken up into seven areas, generally completing one area a week, weather and equipment permitting. As time and weather permits, some streets are swept a second time. Throughout the summer, the main streets down town are swept every other week. Generally, the sweeping program concludes the first week of October. This project is part of the Agility Program between the City of St. Marys and PennDOT.

Residents/Property owners within the sweeping areas are to place the material from their property to the gutter line and not pile it on top of storm grates. Material is not to be spread out into the roadway. Residents are asked not to sweep the material out to the curb/gutter line until the week your road/street is scheduled to be swept. Those residents that would like to receive some of the material that is swept up during this program are to fill out a release form at the Street Department Office at 11 Lafayette Street.


 Area #1

Louis Street, Center Street, Church Street (Center to Maurus), Lenze Avenue, Kerner Avenue, East Mill Street, West Mill Street, McGill Street, Eberl Street, Race Street, Pattison Street, Berwind Street, Roosevelt Street, Rock Street, East Arch Street, West Arch Street, Market Street, Oak Street, Park Street, Chestnut Street, Walnut Street, Spruce Street, Maple Street, Locust Road, Beech Road, Willow Road, Aspen Road, Larch Road, Queens Road, West Eschbach Road, Poplar Road, Wendel Road, Grandview Road, Birch Road, Martin Road, Averyville Road, Villa Road, Nova Road, Jera Road, Bel Vista Road, Vine Road, Hickory Road, Fern Road, Teaberry Road, Hemlock Road, Parkview Road, Edgewood Road, Las Glorias Road, Wehler Road, Ford Road, Sara Road, Bayberry Road, Elm Road, Cedar Road, Clark Road, Plymouth Road, Mercury Road, Comet Road, Falcon Road, Rambler Road, Earth Road, Moon Road, Light Road, Light Extension, Kallas Road, Thunder Road, Baumer Road, Sumar Road, West Theresia Road, Townview Road, Iron Run Road, Random Road, Fire Station #3, North St. Marys Street parking lot, Market Street parking lot, and the Depot Street parking lot.

 Area #2

Pine Street, Ash Street, Kaul Avenue, East Kaul Avenue, High Avenue, Darr Street, John Street, Depot Street, Fourth Street, Hall Avenue, Sweeney Street, Stackpole Street, Ceramic Street, Curry Avenue, Schissle Street, Jones Street, Lincoln Street, Mertz Avenue, Lehner Avenue, Pontzer Avenue, Rettger Street, Neubert Street, Hauber Avenue, Benzinger Road, Bavarian Hills Road, Mulligan Road, Lemans Road, Capri Road, Catalina Road, Cadillac Road, Malibu Road, Sunrise Road, Robin Road, Alpine Road, Liberty Road, South Ridge Road, Lang Road, Carbon Road, Grotzinger Road, Wright Road, Rosely Road (to end of pavement), Brusselles Street parking lot.                                

Area #3

Lafayette Street, Erie Avenue, Madison Street, Diamond Street, Lawrence Street, Columbus Street, Mark Street, Ida Street, Russ Lane, Dippold Avenue, Evers Avenue, Rightmeyer Street, Atlantic Street, Grant Street, Tremont Street, Bank Street, Bunker Hill Road, Penn Road, Edward Road, Reserve Road, East Condot Road, Carolwood Road, Adams Road, Access Road, Wilson Road, Delaum Road, Aumadel Road, Shady Grove Road, Terrace Road.

 Area #4

Oilwell Street, Parade Street, Straub Avenue, Benedict Street, Walburga Street, Lynch Road, West Condot Road, Haggerty Road, Houston Road, Bennett Road, Parkway Road, Wolfel Avenue, Etheldale Avenue, Straub Avenue, Rosedale Avenue, North Michael Street, George Street, Charles Street, Church Street, East Joseph Road, West Joseph Road, Vermont Road, Virginia Road, School Street, Sherry Road, Sunset Road, Arnold Road, Pope Road, Cardinal Road, North Paul Road apron, South Paul Road apron.


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