Street CREW

Snow Removal

The Street Crew is responsible for the removal of snow and ice on all City maintained roads and streets. In addition, the Department is also responsible for snow removal for two fire department parking lots, one police department parking lot, one City Hall parking lot, four public parking lots, the parking garage, parking meter areas along eight PennDOT highways, and several hundred feet of sidewalks.

The general rule is that plowing occurs after an accumulation of 2" or more of snow has fallen. Less than 2" of accumulation of snow requires only sanding and salting of roadways, etc. A priority system has been established to best serve the majority of the motoring public with roads and streets broken down into primary and secondary routes.

During non-working hours, the St. Marys Police Department monitors the road and street conditions and determines when a "callout" is necessary.

Post-storm activities, including street widening, drifts, and cleanup of intersections, takes place after all roads and streets are passable. Street Department employees must travel approximately 150 miles to plow each road and street two passes wide.


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