Street CREW

Paving Program

Every year the City of St. Marys tries to put money in the budget for paving and resurfacing projects on various roads and streets in St. Marys. The City usually does their paving projects in early fall. This includes a number of street improvement projects as well as some major construction projects. The following are a few notes contractors are to follow when paving.


  1. All paved driveways (concrete or asphalt) within the right-of-way and within four feet of the paved roadway will be tied in and sloped to cause no resident hardship, if possible.
  2. All other driveways the pavement will not be broken or sloped in order to allow proper berming procedures.
  3. All intersection radii on roadways will be resurfaced. All intersecting roadway grades will be adjusted so not to cause bumps. Curved areas will be paved to graded cross slope.
  4. The City of St. Marys will close most roadways prior to paving to allow one-pass paving, if possible, which is a preferred method.
  5. All seams, driveways, etc. require a tar or other sealing material approved by PennDOT to prevent water seepage.
  6. The public is advised to use caution when travelling in these areas while crews are working.


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