Street CREW

Grading & Oiling Program

Annually in the spring and summer, all City maintained dirt roads are ditched, graded, and oiled. Roads are oiled with PennDOT approved dust controllants. Roads are split up into four areas and it takes approximately a week to get through one area, weather permitting. Areas with shorter roads are completed much quicker. Sometimes two areas can be done in one week. Roads are oiled with E2/E3 oil and also layered with stone. It takes approximately 48 hours for these oils to set up, depending on the weather conditions. In hot and humid weather, it will take longer for the oil to set up. Travelers are advised to use extreme caution when driving in these areas while the crew is working and until the oils have a chance to set up.

Area #1:  Cross, North Paul, South Paul, Joseph, Fox, Forest, Mason, Wilson, Prince Alley

Area #2:  Benzinger, Monroe, Valley, Jersey, Eckert, Harrison, Jackson

Area #3:  Anthony, Muenster, Sugar Hill, Gypsy, Melody, Random, Uhl, Chapel Village, Ford, Margaret

Area #4:  Airport, South Michael, Lecker, Blair, Rosely, East Eschbach, Graphite


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