City of St. Marys Finance Department 

Carol Muhitch - Finance Director 

Kristi Wendel - Deputy Finance Director 


Where does the money come from?

The majority of the money needed to balance the City’s budgets comes from real estate taxes. Every home owner is charged real estate taxes based on the assessed value of their property. The taxable assessed value for the property in St. Marys for 2019 is estimated at $220,812,015. The City's estimated real estate millage rate for 2019 is 18.5362 mills. A mill equals 1/1000 of the US dollar. To figure out what a mill is worth, divide the assessed value of all taxable real estate by 1,000. One mill is worth $220,812.

Total estimated real estate taxes for the City of St. Marys would be $4,093,016.00

The tax duplicate that you received in early March should list the assessed value of your property.


The medium assessed value of homeowner's property in St. Marys is $24,000.00

A resident who owns a home in St. Marys that has an assessed value of $24,000.00 will pay on average $1,628.00 in real estate taxes, distributed:


A mill equals 1/1000 of the US dollar. 

Rates are calculated by dividing the assessed value of all taxable real estate by $1,000.00. 

               General Fund                      12.5482 mills

           Debt Service                       1.908 mills

       Fire Protection Fund           1.4 mills

         Fire Hydrant Fund               0.30 mills

         Library Fund                       0.58 mills

         Ambulance Fund                0.10 mills

        Street Light Fund                0.50 mills

        Recreation Fund                 1.20 mills

          Total       18.5362 mills

          2019 Budget    

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                   *Effective January 1, 2019 Earned Income Tax (EIT) increases to 1.2%

           EIT Signed Ordinance No. 310


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