City of St. Marys, Pennsylvania



Ordinance No. 299 - Increasing the Recreation Board to nine members

Ordinance No. 300 - Relating to the regulating dogs running at large to be consistent with current City practices

Ordinance No. 301 - Amending Chapter 21, Part 5 of the City Code, relating to snow and ice removal on City sidewalks

Ordinance No. 302 - Amending City Code regarding the regulations of Outdoor Fires

Ordinance No. 303 - Revising the definiton of leaf waste under the Curbside Recycling Ordinance

Ordinance No. 304 - Establishing maximum allowable industrial loadings under the City of St. Marys pretreatment program

Ordinance No. 305 - Amending the City Zoning Map - Marc G. Nero from RC to I - 40.921 acres in the area of Brusselles Street and Fillmore Road

Ordinance No. 306 - Amending the regulations relating to Outdoor Furnances - moving the definition from Chapter 7 to Chapter 27, Zoning

Ordinance No. 307 - Providing for the Levy and Assessment of taxes for the City of St. Marys for the fiscal year 2018


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