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Officer Copper

Officer Copper

Officer Copper is an American Kennel Club pure breed German Shepherd born on June 10, 2006. He is a certified working dog in narcotics detection, tracking and trailing, and patrol/protection. He was trained by Stephen Phillips of Phillips Command Dogs in Olean, New York. Copper has already been used by several Federal agencies for narcotic checks in their buildings and facilities and has also performed narcotics checks at the Elk County Prison and has done numerous service vehicle sniffs. He has also performed drug sweeps at the local schools, per their request.

Copper has assisted in locating a missing person in St. Marys. He is also available to assist other municipalities throughout Elk County as well as county and state agencies. If requested, he will be able to assist agencies outside of Elk County as well.

Copper has performed several public demonstrations during his employment with the City and has several more scheduled. People interested in a demonstration can contact the Police Department for more information.

Officer Copper and his handler, Officer Mike Shaffer, train in some way every day at work in one or more areas of his expertise. Fellow police officers have been very helpful in assisting with this.

The canine vehicle has been made possible by several local businesses and agencies. A donation was received from a local businessman and parts were donated by Rick's Auto Parts. We also received a grant from the Stackpole Hall Foundation to help offset costs. St. Marys Auto Parts helped with the paint, the Detail Shop donated time for the decals, Pesce Metal Fabrications donated time and parts for the canine cage and the Rotary Club gave a donation for the automatic door popper. Police Officers Chris Smith and Anthony Pistner painted the SUV. Tractor Supply donates food and Express Lube donates the Pet Wash for Copper. Many others have played an integral part in working on the vehicle and putting it all together.

Donations and items are welcomed as this can be an expensive departmental tool and when the community is involved, it makes the unit much more effective.

Officer Copper with Officer Mike ShafferOfficer Copper with his handler, Officer Mike Shaffer.

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